Colleges and Universities

Gravity Improves Compliance with Federal Legislation such as Title IX, Clery Act and VAWA and Reduces Liability

Colleges and Universities are experiencing significantly increased risk management and liability challenges. For example, as the number of universities and colleges under federal investigation over the handling of sexual violence and harassment complaints increases it is clear no school is immune to federal enforcement efforts.

Therefore, higher education institutions must work to ensure compliance with campus sexual assault legislation, including but not limited to Title IX, SaVE, VAWA and the Clery Act. Perhaps one of the greatest compliance risks colleges and universities face are the legal and reputational implications resulting from improper operational control over critical access keys (master, sub-master, residential life keys etc.,) and the potential harm to a student and/or school's employee resulting from a lost key.

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Gravity is used by hospitals, multinational corporations, global property management companies and facility management service providers offering security, engineering and janitorial services. There should never be another lost key on a campus and the risk that a student or university employee could be harmed as a result, should be eliminated. The use of the Gravity key tether not only assists with compliance of federal laws, protects students and employees from criminal acts but is a KEY foundational Pillar for sound risk management.