Tether ID

A New and Better Way to Tether ID Badges and Access Cards

Tether Technologies’ TETHER ID is our newest product in a line of digital tethering solutions. The TETHER ID replaces retractable badge holders with magnetic separation, providing for unencumbered use of an ID badge or access card. Gone is the hassle of a physical tether. Now you can use your credential without the worry of breakage or snap back.

Reduces the Risk of Losing Personal ID Badges

Upon separation, the TETHER ID beeps to alert you that your ID badge is in use and begins a ten second countdown. If your ID badge is not returned to the holder within this ten second period, the TETHER ID’s base unit emits a loud and escalating beep, alerting you that your ID badge/access card is at risk of becoming lost. TETHER ID continues to beep until the ID badge/access card is returned to the holder.

Top Features & Benefits

  • Preemptive: As employees do their job, TETHER ID does its magic ensuring ID Badges are always in hand.
  • Ease-of-Use: A hard tug on the ID badge releases it from the TETHER ID’s magnetic holder. Both the holder and the badge clip have magnets, creating an attraction for easy return. The holder can only be inserted in one direction, ensuring that the ID Badge always faces out.
    • Separation Alarm: When the ID badge is first released, a beep sounds indicating detachment and the start of a ten second countdown. If the ID badge is not returned within the ten seconds, TETHER ID beeps until the ID badge is re-attached.
    • Closed System with Long Battery Life: TETHER ID is designed to be spill resistant and to last for several years. The CR2032 battery holds 240mAh which provides for 25,000 beeps over an approximate 5 year life. Once the battery runs out, TETHER ID will no longer beep, at which time the unit needs replacing.
  • Light Weight yet Durable: TETHER ID is molded from tough ABS plastic yet weighs less than one ounce.
  • Fits to Existing Systems: TETHER ID can be clipped to an existing lanyard or to a standard plastic badge clip. 
  • ROI: By reducing the need to replace lost ID badges and access cards, TETHER ID pays for itself. 

Availability & Pricing

The TETHER ID (U.S. Patent pending) is currently undergoing beta testing with production tentatively set to begin in Q3 2017. Final pricing has yet to be determined. Coming in 2018, an IoT enabled version that notifies access control instantly when a badge is lost, allowing for real time disabling of the lost credential. The IoT version may also have a model that contains a panic button, allowing the wearer to send a 911 type of distress call.