From Randy's Book "The Key to Keys"

True Story 2

In a very up and coming business section of Seattle, known as South Lake Union, a set of janitorial keys were lost. It was just after 11:00 pm in a 6-story, 85k sq. ft. office building. I was notified by our client that she needed at least three security officers sent over right away. The Janitorial Company had already sent extra people down in an all-out search to find the missing keys. The security officers would be responsible for standing by the access doors to the building and identifying anyone wishing to enter. Authorized personnel would be carrying a photo ID/access card. Security would require they swipe their key at the card reader, confirm it turned “green” and the door opened or granted access.

The keyring that was lost had multiple hard keys on it that accessed virtually every office in the building, including the data center of an international, high-end clothing manufacturer. There were no card keys on it. Our client knew that she had to act quickly to placate a highly volatile and vocal building tenant representative.

We were able to staff the additional security within about 30 minutes. When we arrived, the janitorial staff was frantically searching for the missing keyring. In retracing steps, the janitorial supervisor was certain he last used the keys about 30 minutes prior to when he discovered the keys missing. He traced his steps from office floors into the lobby, to the janitors’ storeroom and then into the loading dock area. He then realized he had to use his keys to access the janitor storeroom. From there, everyone focused on the trip from the janitor storeroom to the loading dock. Looking at the ground, the loading dock parking areas and driveway – EVERYWHERE! It was not a very large area.

By now about an hour and a half had passed. The janitorial supervisor is sitting next to the garbage and recycling dumpsters, racking his brain. He knew they had to be close – and then it hit him! He was carrying some large flattened cardboard boxes when he peeked inside at a schedule sitting on the desk in the janitor storeroom. He wasn’t in there for more than 60 seconds. His keyring was in his hands when he came out. He walked directly to the dumpster and tossed the cardboard in...along with his keys! After a bit of dumpster diving, keys found – mystery solved. Fortunately for janitorial firm, the keys were lost in such a way that they could not have been found by someone else, copied and then put back. If you ask me, this was hugely lucky as it meant that our client would not require a $25k rekey. My company billed a 4-hour minimum for the three officers we sent down, which the janitorial firm was more than happy to pay.