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  • GRAVITY is the first and only industrial-grade, digital tethering solution that automatically preempts master key separation and loss – with absolute reliability.
  • Now you can rest assured of never having to experience a card/key loss event and its costly aftermath.
  • GRAVITY doesn’t find access cards/keys, because they are never lost in the first place.
  • GRAVITY’s sleek, rugged design is engineered for workers’ daily use and convenience: 1) the handy Key unit holds the key ring and 2) the Belt unit securely attaches to the user’s belt via a strong metal belt clip. The Key unit is easily removed by pressing on the thumb release button and lifting up. It returns to the Belt unit with a simple click and snap.
  • Individual Gravity units include all three Standard Belt Clips; Large, Small and Closed-Loop. Standard Clips are removable using a small, flat head screwdriver or a pen knife. Extra-Strong Clips, once installed, are not removable and must be ordered separately.

Out of stock

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GRAVITY – The New Force of Certainty in Key Control. Ease-of-Use: GRAVITY is designed for industrial environments with usability in mind. The vibration feature can be felt through a heavy utility belt and the 85 dB audio alarm can be heard in loud environments. GRAVITY runs on standard AAA batteries with an average life of six months. Once batteries reach 20% capacity, a warning chirp alerts users that they need to be replaced. Scalability: Multiple GRAVITY units can work in close proximity to one another because each key unit is uniquely married to its belt unit via a random signal generator. Storability: The key unit can be placed in a low-power state for off-shift storage within a key control cabinet. Removal from storage without re-holster to a belt unit causes alarm. Tether Technologies GRAVITY can attach to any standard key ring; flexible, tamper proof key rings are recommended.