Our Story

Tether Technologies, Inc. is the leading innovator and manufacturer of digital tethering solutions for master keys and access cards. We were founded as EKT, LLC in 2010 by security industry veteran and leading authority, Randy Neely.

Our first product, the “ekt” or electronic key tether, was conceived by Randy after 35+ years on the ground managing corporate security. While most key control efforts were focused on creating accountability, Randy was fixated on human error. That issue was magnified in 2002, when after paying for an $85,000 rekey, master keys were found on top of a vending machine, right where his security officer had left them (see Story I). As Randy went on to become CEO of Northwest Protective Service, he continued to experience management’s endless worry about when and where the next key loss would happen. Finally, after another scare in 2007, Randy set out to develop a better way for his officers to carry keys – a device that would preempt loss from happening in the first place.

The ekt, was introduced to the market in March 2012, at the NFMT trade in Baltimore. Although well received by our customers, feedback was they wanted a smaller device that was easier to carry on user’s belts and fit inside of their key storage cabinets. So in late 2013, we went back to the drawing board and reinvented the ekt into what is now our flagship product, the Gravity key tether. It took two years of intricate design and rigorous testing before Gravity was formally launched in September 2015 at ASIS Anaheim. We believe it to be a game-changing device with a vision to become standard equipment and protocol in the world’s largest facilities. Much like smoke alarms alert when fire is present, Gravity alerts when master keys have been left behind.

Gravity is currently being installed in major institutions across America by such companies as Allied Universal, CBRE, Inter-Con Security, Securitas USA and Sunstates Security. Notable installs include facilities at Cisco Systems, Duke University, Fiat Chrysler, Marriott, Stanford University and Texas State University.

Current reporting to date by those that have deployed Gravity has been zero key loss. Client satisfaction is outstanding:

I wear mine every day and require others to do the same. This device is a game-changer in my opinion. In our field testing, the learning curve is absolutely flat and requires little to no training

Ron Paquin, Major Northwest Mechanical Company

This product has lived up to its reputation. We feel this is an important tool that can really benefit our teams as we carry keys on a round the clock basis.

Rob Boyd, Regional Manager, Sunstates Security

I am using two Gravity units and they work great. The technical support is fantastic. I greatly recommend this product.

Tim Bertie, Account Manager, Bedrock Protection Agency

Randy has captured his experiences and solutions in a new book called “The Key To Keys – 5 Steps to Developing an Effective Access Control Program.” Purchase the book on our website or find it on Amazon.com.

The future of Tether Technologies will be focused on supporting the Gravity with a commitment to the company’s core values: Innovation, Industrial-Quality, Personalization, and Trusted Partnerships. Working tirelessly to fulfill the company’s mission to bring an entirely different kind of confidence to key control– the kind not based on hope and belief, but on certainty.

Randy also speaks on the topic of Key Control, Then and Now. For more information, please contact us.