Key Loss Solution: Tile Mate vs. Gravity

The Tile Mate a small plastic square you hook to things likes your keys  (among anything else you want to attached it to) and supposedly is designed to prevent key loss . However, you must have a cellphone with you and have the smartphone app. It is only AFTER you mark your keys as lost on your cell phone app, that the chip in the tile will ping (audible alarm only) your phone when you’re within 150 feet of the lost keys.

So in order for the Tile Mate to work, (1) you have to have a cell phone and (2) use the app AFTER you notice your keys are missing. Also, you can’t change the batteries and once they are dead, you must get a new Tile Mate. Perhaps a decent solution for your personal keys but if you are responsible for master or critical keys at work, the Tile Mate is inadequate.

With the Gravity, you don’t need a cell phone, and you are notified via THREE alarms  (vibration, audible and strobe light) BEFORE you are separated more than 10-15 feet from you keys.

In summary the Gravity is the ONLY preemptive electronic key tether device on the market. It alarms three ways BEFORE you lose your keys. Batteries last 6-9 months and the Gravity comes with a one year warranty. The Gravity is an industrial grade product for janitors, security officers and building engineers – anyone that is responsible for master or critical keys.