Is Your Facility at Financial Risk from an Employee Misplacing Keys?

Did you hear about the Casino employee that misplaced their keys resulting in a nearly $200,000 theft?  See our previous post for the full article.

Is your Casino or facility safe-guarded from this type of incident?

Unfortunately, the most expensive Electronic Key Cabinets or RFID Key Tracking would not have prevented the employee from misplacing keys that led to this theft.

The good news is there is a solution that eliminates human error and completely prevents an employee from losing or misplacing critical keys.  The solution is the Gravity® key tether, the only industrial grade, digital tethering device that provides three types of alarms (85 dB audio, vibration and LED strobe light) when keys are separated 10-15 feet from the user. Having your team utilize the  Gravity® will prevent an embarrassing and costly theft at your Casino or facility.

Get the Casino House Advantage and Fix the Odds with Gravity® and provide an extra layer of protection to your current key control protocols!