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"The Key to Keys" by industry veteran Randy Neely is highly rated on Amazon.  It gives you the nuts and bolts to establish a bullet-proof plan for never losing a master key again.  Get your FREE copy today!  


You may be wondering, what's the risk really, we haven't lost our keys?  It is actually much higher than you might think.  Even if the master keys are recovered within hours, do you know for a fact they haven't been duplicated?  Are you ready to take that risk?

More about "The Key to Keys"

    In The Key to Keys we review methodologies and protocols for issuing, tracking, retrieving and mitigating the loss of critical building/facility hard keys and access cards. All facilities employ personnel or contractors that are entrusted with accessing many, if not all, parts of the building i.e. janitors, security officers, engineers, leasing staff, property/facility managers, just to name a few. The process for accounting for keys is age old as is the risk of keys becoming lost or misplaced. Not too long ago the answer to lost keys was "cutting" new ones; today, most facility owners/managers move quickly to rekey, ensuring the safety and security of the property's employees, tenants and guests. We explore some of those processes and new technologies that keep our facilities more secure.


A must read for anybody who is responsible for facility keys and access cards or for any service provider who offers security services or sells key control solutions. Complete with real world stories that are told with both humor and passion.

Amazon Book Review

Working in the security industry this book hits close to home. It's a must read for anyone involved in key inventory whether it be commercial or residential. Randy's sense of humor can be seen throughout, which makes this a very easy book to read.

Amazon Book Review