GRAVITY is very simple to use. Remove it from its packaging, select and install a belt clip, attach it to your key ring, clip GRAVITY to your belt and you are ready to go. With GRAVITY, Never Risk Losing Master Keys or Access Cards Again!

How does the GRAVITY turn on and off?

GRAVITY uses a magnetic Hall switch to turn itself on and off. There are no mechanical switches. The simple act of un-docking and re-docking automatically turns the device on and off. When you need to use your keys, use your thumb to press the key release button and pull keys up and away from your body (dual action release). As the units separate, the LED light on the Key unit will flash one time indicating that the electronic tether has been set. So long as the Belt unit and Key unit remain within range of each other, no alarms will sound.

How is the GRAVITY powered?

GRAVITY runs on two standard AAA batteries that are pre-installed (one each in the Key unit and Belt unit). Depending on usage, average battery life should be 6-9 months. When 80% of battery power is spent, GRAVITY chirps to alert you that the batteries need replacing. It is recommended that you replace the batteries in both the Belt and Key units at the same time to ensure continuity. Use fresh high grade batteries for longer life.

What happens if the battery is dead in one unit and not the other?

GRAVITY operates with redundancy. Upon separation, if the Key unit cannot find the Belt unit (and vice versa), the unit with the working battery will alarm.

How does GRAVITY let me know it is powered on?

Approximately two seconds after un-docking, the LED on the Key unit will flash one time, letting you know that the electronic tether is set. If the flash does not occur, then communication fails and one or both of the units will alarm (unless both batteries are completely dead or the batteries have been removed).

How does GRAVITY attach to the user?

GRAVITY attaches to the user’s belt using a clip design that is commonly found with gun holsters (fairly easy to slide on but usually takes both hands to remove). GRAVITY comes with two belt clip sizes. The small clip has a 1 ¾” opening that provides a good fit for those workers who wear a standard uniform-type belt. The large clip has a 2 ¼” opening that fits standard “Sam Brown” type utility belts. The large clip also comes in a more secure, closed loop version that must be threaded though the wearer’s belt. Once you choose and install a belt clip, the clip becomes very difficult to remove.

How does GRAVITY alert the user that keys have been misplaced?

If Key unit and Belt unit are separated by more than 5 - 7 steps (15-20 feet), both units will alarm in the following ways: 1. The Belt unit emits a strong vibration and audible chirp alarm. 2. The Key unit emits an 85 decibel audio alarm and a bright LED strobe light. All warning alarm signals continue until Key unit is safely reattached to Belt unit. To join the units back together, fit the top hole of the Key unit onto the hook on the inside of the Belt unit. Move the Key unit downward until it clicks and locks securely in place.

What causes GRAVITY to alarm?

GRAVITY uses Bluetooth® radio technology to tether your keys to your belt. A decrease in the radio signal strength is what causes GRAVITY to alarm. Normally, that threshold occurs within 5-7 steps but that range is greatly influenced by one’s surroundings (objects in the way vs direct line of sight). If you want to test the distance to alarm, be sure to leave the Key unit stationary and walk away holding the Belt unit. The Key unit contains an accelerometer that is used in the separation algorithm. If the Key unit is moving (under normal operation, in the hand of the user), the radio signal strength threshold to alarm is lowered. This is how GRAVITY has such a short separation distance to alarm, and still keeps the number of false alarms to a minimum. If you walk away holding the Keyunit, the distance to alarm more than doubles, to 12-15+ steps. GRAVITY will often alarm during an improper docking (missing the top hook or attempting to dock from the bottom up), when units are within an inch of each other without being connected. This is caused by the magnetic hall switch turning off one of the units, causing the other to alarm. This warns against an improper docking and alarming in this way typically diminishes with training/use of the device.

How do I turn off the alarm?

If GRAVITY goes into alarming mode for any reason, simply dock the Key unit to the Belt unit to reset both devices.

What if GRAVITY alarms each time I separate the Key from the Belt?

Most malfunctions can be fixed by removing and re-installing the batteries. If the device continues to alarm, use fresh batteries. If alarming continues once fresh batteries have been installed, contact Tether Technologies customer support.

How many GRAVITYs can operate together?

Multiple GRAVITY units can work in close proximity to one another because each Key unit is uniquely married to its Belt unit via a random signal generator. The odds of two GRAVITYs using the same signal are approximately 1 in 3,000,000.

Can the alarm soundings be adjusted by the user?

No, alarm settings are not currently adjustable.

Where can I find the serial number on the device?

GRAVITY’s serial numbers are located on a label found on the inside of the battery compartment. Remove the battery in order to view the serial number. Both the Key unit and Belt unit have unique serial numbers. Typically, the last 6 numbers will match, with a “K” designation for the Key and a “B” for the Belt. If an “M” precedes the last six numbers, then the units were manufactured as a matched pair. FCC and IC license numbers are located on this label as well.

Is there an instance where the last six numerals in the serial number don’t match?

Yes, if you use an un-pairing station to store a key unit inside a key cabinet, you could end up with unmatched serial numbers. Un-paired Belt units are able to pair with any un-paired Key units.

How does GRAVITY store inside of a key control cabinet?

There are two ways to do this. If your key cabinet has lots of extra space, the entire GRAVITY device can be stored. However, if your key cabinet is space constrained, you can use an un-pairing station to store the Key unit only.

How does the un-pairing station work?

The un-pairing station allows you to store the key unit only while the belt unit powers off, so as not to take up space in the cabinet. To store the Key unit only in a key cabinet:
1. Remove Key unit from Belt unit.
2. Wait 2 seconds for the Key unit to flash and then place it in the un-pairing station. Placing the Key unit in the un-pairing station prior to its flash will cause the un-pairing to fail.
3. The Key and Belt units will then beep 3x (Key followed by Belt) indicating that the units are un-paired and ready for storage. Un-paired Belt units are able to pair with any un-paired Key units.
4. The Belt unit is turned off and is ready to receive any previously stored (un-paired) Key unit.
5. The Key unit enters a low-power storage mode. Upon removal, the user has 10 seconds to dock the Key unit or the alarm will sound. Upon successful docking, the Key unit will beep two times.
6. A Key unit that alarms because it was not docked will reset itself after 10 seconds of alarming (which alarm cycles every 10 seconds until the Key Unit is docked or returned to the cabinet).

What if I have more master key sets than I do users?

Key units and Belt units can be purchased separately. Contact us for details.

What is the GRAVITY warranty?

GRAVITY is covered by a limited warranty located at www.TetherTech.com/warranty. Your units have been registered by us. In brief, the warranty covers any defects or malfunctions in your GRAVITY and lasts for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. Tether Technologies will replace any defective or malfunctioning part or if the unit is determined to be non-repairable, provide you with a replacement GRAVITY, all at no charge.