College Security Leak Exposed!

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New technology eliminates massive security risk for Colleges and Universities...

A lost master key recently cost the College of William and Mary over $500,000

​Loss of master keys are a major problem for college campuses

The loss of a master key on a college campus can be a disaster.  In addition to the major cost to re-key a college campus, the additional concern for student security can have a lasting negative effect. 


These are just a few of the colleges and universities that are using Gravity to ensure their students are safe and secure...


    • Gravity consists of two units that are holstered together
      • The Key Unit is holstered to the Belt Unit via a dual action release
        • Master keys and cards are attached to the Key Unit via any standard key ring (tamper proof is best)
            • So long as the Belt Unit and Key Unit remain within range, no alarm will sound
              • In the event that keys are left behind (5-7 steps), the radio signal strength drops to a certain level which activates a three-way separation alarm. The Belt Unit vibrates and chirps. The Key Unit flashes an LED strobe and sounds an 85 db alarm.
              • Alarms will not stop until Key Unit is retrieved and holstered to the Belt Unit. With Gravity, you can no longer lose your keys, period.

Gravity requires zero training and can be shipped to you overnight


It’s a very small investment to protect our reputation. Our clients love it, our field personnel love it, our managers love it, and we plan to purchase more.” Rick Ward, National Director, Healthcare Security Services, Allied Universal Security, 310-261-9038, [email protected]

Allied Universal Security

The Gravity solution provides premier companies like Securitas the best overall protection against high costs associated with a set of lost master keys. We’d rather focus our resources on key loss prevention technology than on paying high insurance deductibles"