GRAVITY Preempts Master Key Separation and Loss!

Casinos are one of the most regulated and supervised industries with stringent policies and procedures for dealing with money and chips. Effective and comprehensive key control is required or the Casino faces severe penalties. Many Casinos have invested in key control cabinets to protect keys during storage and also to register which employee have taken ownership of the key.

Gravity provides comprehensive access control by preventing lost keys when the keys are mobile and at the greatest risk.

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GRAVITY’s sleek, rugged design is engineered for workers’ daily use and convenience:

1) A handy key FOB holds the key ring and

2) A host unit that securely attaches to the user’s belt. The FOB is easily removed by pressing on the thumb release button and returned to the belt unit with a simple click and snap. As workers do their job, GRAVITY does its magic ensuring keys are always kept close at hand.